Rent a local.

Make you travel experience truly unique. Get a free pass to the community, unknown places and genuine experiences. We promise, this is way more fun than sticking your head down a travel brochure. So, what are you waiting for? The door is open, the coffee is hot and we have lots to show you. Welcome!

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The “Rent a Local” Concept

With the beautiful surrounding nature, there is so much to experience here but I think the biggest part of that is the people. That’s what makes it for me. Joining the warm and welcoming locals in the Swedish Countryside – learning skilled crafts, embracing the culture and traditions first hand. It’s like a home from home.

Archie McCallum, Glasgow, Scotland

Rent a local on the Swedish Countryside

We offer you the possibility to see and experience the culture, traditions and beautiful places the countryside has to offer.
Deep forests cover 69 per cent of our country, and there are countless lakes and streams at every corner. With that in mind, a large part our every-day life takes place in nature, just because it is right there for us to enjoy.
We open doors to the Swedish countryside, without having to adjust or change it. We simply feel that it is perfect just the way it is. Together with a local you can see places you wouldn’t have seen, meet people you wouldn’t have met and do things you wouldn’t have done if choose to travel with a travel guide.
What our locals have in common is the urge to invite you to experience our surroundings, meet our friends and take part in all the activities.
The door is open and the coffee is hot. Welcome!