A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles

Tim Cahill

Swedish Countryside – rent a local

Swedish Countryside is a family business (Systrarna Molin HB) owned and run by us sisters in-law Rebecca Molin and Maria Molin-Söderberg. Our strength lies in a close cooperation with a wide network of locals holding great knowledge in specific areas, and they are also our dear neighbors.

Throughout the years we together have been responsible for numerous big events and parties with our sole purpose of making sure people have fun. The idea of starting a business with activities have been with us for a few years and we have talked about this over many cups of coffee at the kitchen table and one day with that special cup of coffee we decided- to put words into action.

Now Swedish Countryside invites you to come visit us and experience life in the amazing countryside.
Welcome to our home!


Our head office

Fränsta, Medelpad, Sweden

Maria Molin Söderberg

Co-owner & local

Maria is well experienced in commercial and communication business. She has been a volunteer in Costa Rica and Maria is one of the few that has the ability to transform normal into special using a little twist. She is also an excellent problem solver, should you run into any difficulties during your stay with us, she will be there to sort you out.

Maria’s countryside favourite:

“Definitely fishing brown trout. Walking in a forest by a beautiful silent stream where you have to stay absolutely quiet in order not to scare the fish is the best feeling. Then the struggle of getting the fish out of the water without making a mess of the line or getting yourself soaked is exciting. They also taste great on my Swedish “knäckebröd” for breakfast.”

Rebecca Molin

Co-owner & local

Rebecca is a warm and wise person, she stays in the present and likes to talk. She has traveled a lot in her life and she has lived in the US, Switzerland and Germany. Rebecca is a cognitive coach, tourist guide, spa-therapist and masseuse.

Rebecca’s  countryside favourite:

“After exploring the world I have come to the conclusion that nothing compares to my home. It holds everything I need; my family, my friends, the stillness, the forest and the safety. This is where I want to raise my children.”