Delicacies from nature


Sweden’s vast forest areas will give you the finest delicacies. Warm cloudberries to pour over your ice cream, tart and fresh cranberries that goes well with moose, today’s blueberry harvest in a pie, a handful of wild raspberries in the porridge, or butter fried chanterelles on toast is in its simplicity a perfect way to spice up the day. In our family recipes, are treasures such as cloudberry chutney and sorrel salad.

Hunting and fishing

There is plenty of wildlife. Grouse, hare, beaver and moose are the most common, but there are also bear, lynx, wolverine and wolf. Most of us have grown up with moose meat as the main ingredient in everyday cooking. That means inventiveness on cooking moose is big. From a classic moose stew to a Japanese long boil on moose steak and everything in between.

In the yard we smoke perch and the heart from the moose. There are few things that can compare to smoked perch with potato salad and hard bread with “Västerbotten” cheese.

Locally produced and organic

From Strömmens Gårdsmejeri you will find cheeses made from certified organic goat milk. These are among the best cheeses in Sweden and they topped the Swedish competition in food craftsmanship.

There are two locally produced natural beverages of meadowsweet and spruce shoots. H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf and H. M. Queen Silvia was on a visit to Ljungandalen invited for the latter and were so delighted that they made a request to the court.

Recipe for freshly caught brown trout

– Brown Trout
– Butter
– Salt

Fry the brown trout with lots of butter and salt. Add on hard bread sandwich. Eat and enjoy.

Recipe for Kolbulle

2 pieces

What you need:

– 2 cups flour
– 3 cups water
– Salt
– 2 hg salted pork

Mix the water, flour and salt. Dice the bacon and cook over an open fire in a special pan. Pour batter when the bacon is crispy. Fry the “Kolbulle” for about 3 minutes, not too hot . Turn and fry for 2 more minutes. Serve with lingonberry jam.