Preschool, Free Church and Entrepreneurship with Tommy & Annika

From: 970 kr

  • 1-4
  • 1h-24h
We are Tommy and Annika Boork and we have two sons named David and  Marcus. David is an ordinary 15-year-old with an interest in computer games and tinkering  with various gadgets in the garage. Marcus is 18 years old he likes to build cars and has an  interest in technology in general.  Annika is a preschool teacher in a co-operative preschool with 20 children. She is an active  musician in the local Free Church. And finally, the contractor, in both good and  bad sense, myself. I currently run multiple different companies and I am eager  to share my experiences.

Examples of what we do

An hour with me will be very intense and focused on entrepreneurship. One  week with us, can include many different activities. But everything revolves around Preschool, Free Church and Entrepreneurship.  We suggest that we get in contact before, so that we can plan what you are hoping to get from your trip to us.


970: – per hour / person
2 330: – per half day / person
2 910: – per day / person
2 910: – per 24h / person

 Possibility to stay overnight

We can offer parking with electricity for your camper / mobile home on our property, this will be included when you book more than 24h day with us. We have a house lot, with all that it can offer.

Reservation request

Make a request, and we will get back to you when we have checked the date with our local. Then you will receive a booking proposal and payment details. If you choose to pay the proposal, the booking is confirmed. If you choose not to pay the booking proposal, the booking will be removed.


  • Swedish – fluent
  • English – fluent

This is included:

Pick up at the agreed location, common meals.

Meeting point:

Sundsvall, Timrå, Sörberge.